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Proceedings of the Paris Institute
for Advanced Study

The Paris Institute for Advanced Study (Paris IAS) is a transdisciplinary research center that welcomes researchers from all over the world in the fields of humanities and social sciences. It is also open to other disciplines, in particular the life sciences, for projects involving the humanities and social sciences. It fosters cross-sectoral research with actors from the administration or the economy, and citizens.

The research projects carried out at the Institute, beyond their international aspect, are characterized by an interdisciplinary approach and the development of new methodologies and perspectives. Projects mixing arts and sciences, transdisciplinary and intersectoral projects (bringing together science, politics, economy, and society) are particularly encouraged.

Each year, the Institute's research fellows and partner institutions organize about a hundred scientific events on its premises, on fundamental research or in response to major societal problems.

These proceedings present the conferences, lecture series and other scientific productions of the Paris IAS in the form of indexed and quotable publications, often accompanied by videos or podcasts.