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Reimagining Urban Transportation: Green Corridors as Catalysts for Materializing a 15-minutes City in Bogota
Première conférence en ligne du cycle "Paris IAS Ideas", avec la participation de Juan Pablo Caicedo, Universidad Javeriana, Colombie

In 2020 Claudia López's administration presented an unprecedented approach to urban infrastructure planning in Colombia. The Green Corridor on Carrera Séptima redefines urban transportation by prioritizing sustainable mobility over conventional public transport. By designating more than half of the road space to pedestrian-friendly areas, cycling lanes, and efficient public (electric) transportation, we are reclaiming the streets for the most vulnerable citizens, such as pedestrians, seniors, and children. This initiative not only incorporates social dialogue but also tackles the pressing challenge of climate change, shaping public decision-making from a different priority scale.

While this initiative began as a project, his long-term vision is to evolve it into an institutionalized process that encompasses public engagement and serves as a replicable model worldwide. Drawing inspiration from the City of Paris' "15-minute city" framework, he firmly believes that green corridors can serve as a multidisciplinary, participatory design method that facilitates sustainable mobility, modal shift, and the re-naturalization of public spaces wherever political will aligns with these priorities.

The fellowship at the Paris IAS will allow this research project the invaluable opportunity to delve deeper into these topics as well as space to synthesize experiences into a comprehensive paper. Collaborating with the Institute's behavioral, cognitive, and social scientists, will enable to shape this transformative project into knowledge that can inform urban planning policies across the globe.

Reimagining Urban Transportation: Green Corridors as Catalysts for Materializing a 15-minutes City in Bogota
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